Get out of the house, stop shopping and head for the outdoors to play some radio with us! Great way to get rid of that turkey and potato inner tube around your waist too!

You may even see some interesting gear like we had last month:

Major Mod Here

Wonder What This One Does?

Oct15 WatchThisOne

Then you do this thing here…








We’ll keep with tradition and meet at 0730 EST at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL for breakfast and bragging time. Bring your new toys and show off you log of DX if you want.

At about 0900 EST we will be setting up in Sylvan Lake Park, down by the lake in picnic area A.  If it is reserved check for us in Area B or C or call us on 146.52 which we’ll monitor if we move.

Have a good Thanksgiving! See you at the park!


Kelly K4UPG

for the CFL QRP Group

Fall has finally shown us some cooler weather. That means it is certainly time to play some radio outdoors!

So set your alarm clocks and plan on joining us at 0730 local time at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL for breakfast and some show ‘n tell of your latest rigs and QSO’s.

Let’s hear about your Peanut Power Sprint stories. Mine was not so hot… broken connection on my balun meant I lost an hour due to bad antenna and high SWR. By the time I switched to an EFHW, I only had time to make a very few contacts. What is your tale of woe? or success?

After breakfast and lots of storytelling, we’ll adjourn to Sylvan Lake Park and be setting up around 0900 local time. Watch for our callsign tags and antennas, but normally we set up at Picnic Area A unless it is reserved. If you don’t see us, check Picnic Area B and C to find us.

Love to have guests and friends come along to see how ham radio using low power can be a great hobby, especially combined with being outdoors.

p.s. There are a couple QRP rigs for sale… FT-817’s in great shape. Contact Ron Eike KA3PSO or Mike (YouTubeMan)Ramos KK4KWZ for info. See for contact info.


Kelly K4UPG for the Central Florida QRP Group



Directions to Cracker Barrel, Sanford

Sylvan Lake Park Website

Map of Sylvan Lake Park

Don’t forget the Peanut Power Sprint Sunday 27 September 2000-2200 UTC…


Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group & Peanut #29