Get charged up and let’s get out in the woods for some Portable QRP Ham Radio Fun! This Saturday, 27 August 2016 we’ll start at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL at 0730 with some breakfast and a lot of bragging.

How’d ya do in the FOBB and Skeeter Hunt? Woopee! I got top score in the SYBO! Too hot to know better maybe?

Bring your latest homebrew creation and brag on it.


HB Rig

Look what Walter KA4KXX built. It’s an amazing rig!

At around 0900 we will be setting up in Sylvan Lake Park and Picnic Area A. If it is reserved, check the other picnic areas and watch for our cars and antennas. We often are done by noon, but you are welcome to stay as long as your batteries allow.

All modes and all bands, just be careful to not overload your neighbors! See ya in the park!


Kelly K4UPG

for the group



July has been a big contest month for QRP!

We’ll meet for breakfast at 0730 EDT in our regular spot: Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL for some coffee, grits & biscuits and lots of DX and homebrew project bragging. We might even solve some pressing world problems.

Not an early riser? No worries!

At 0900 you can find us setting up our rigs at Sylvan Lake Park. Check for us at Picnic area A and Pavilion 2 or nearby. Here’s a map of the park layout.

All are welcome, bring a QRP rig if you want, or find someone that’ll let you try out their gear. All modes and skill levels are welcome! We love to help you figure out how to get started in ham radio and portable QRP (low power) operation. See ya Saturday!


Kelly ~ K4UPG ~ BB#23 in the FOBB

Per our regular practice, the June Outing is to participate in a local club ARRL Field Day rather than our monthly QRP Portable outing at Sylvan Lake Park. Use what you have learned about portable operation to assist those that only do it once a year. It is also a great opportunity to show off your antenna launching skills and other expertise.

Help promote our hobby by welcoming curious visitors and answering questions. Here’s a great link for those that want to pursue learning more.

FL Amateur Radio Week

Gov. Scott Proclamation.

AmateurRadioWeekinFlorida  Governor Scott has declared this Amateur Radio Week in Florida. So spread the word. Now get your batteries and supplies ready to get on the air! Enjoy!


Kelly K4UPG

for the Central Florida QRP Group

p.s. Skeeter Hunt numbers available for the August 21 event… REGISTER NOW

To register for a Skeeter number, simply send an e-mail to or – please state your name, call and from which state or NPOTA entity yoiu will activate. If you want to activate an entity; and are not sure which one, you can always decide that later. But for the purposes of issung a Skeeter number, please list your state as a minimum, in your request. Please note that Skeeter numbers are issued on a first come, first served basis.