Directions to Cracker Barrel, Sanford

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Map of Sylvan Lake Park

Don’t forget the Peanut Power Sprint Sunday 27 September 2000-2200 UTC…


Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group & Peanut #29

We’re having a blast outside playing with our low-power ham radios! Let’s do it again and bring along a friend.

Curious? If you don’t have a rig or antenna for portable ops, come out and see some ways to get set up. We are willing to let you get on the air and try your hand with our rigs too.

Here’s a couple action shots from our July outing:

hoop loop

Hoop Hoop Hula Loop!


What is the SWR now?


We start with breakfast at Cracker Barrel Sanford, FL at 0730. Come meet some of the ops, share your latest kit or homebrew rig and swap stories.

About 0900 you’ll find us setting up at Sylvan Lake Park. Unless it has been reserved, we will be in pavilion 2 in Picnic Area A. Follow the links and look for our antennas, license tags and other ham radio signs of life.

All modes welcome and QRP (10w SSB and 5w CW max output) is the way we radio! Come out and have some fun!


Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group

p.s. Here’s a link to PDF from the Lake Wales QRP Gang about their August Outing

p.p.s. Contact Mike Ramos KK4KWZ if you’re looking for a nice QRP rig… FT-817ND with antenna tuner

Summer is a great time to get out to the park and under the shade of the tall trees for some ham radio time. Hope you can join us on Saturday 25 July 2015!

We will gather for breakfast at the Sanford Cracker Barrel at 0730. It is a good time to bring your new toys and show off your homebrew gadgets. Why not share your latest DX contacts and brag on how your club led the field in last month’s Field Day?

At 0900 we should be at Sylvan Lake Park setting up our gear. Who will get their antenna up the highest? Watch for our cars and activity near Picnic Area A lakeside. If it has been reserved we will move to B or C as our backup plan.

This is a good tuneup for the upcoming Skeeter Hunt QRP contest so shake the dust off and come on out and join us!


Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group