SAT Mar 27, 2021 CFL QRP Outing

We are getting closer to being able to meet in a more normal fashion! For those that have their vaccinations completed, and those that are ready, the park is open and you are welcome to turn out.

Our usual Cracker Barrel Sanford meetup for breakfast at 0730 EDT for those that feel ready for that. We typically are setting up in Sylvan Lake Park at 0900 EDT. We normally are down by the lake at Picnic Area A if it has not been reserved by another group. So look there first and if it is empty find a spot and see if anyone else shows up. đŸ™‚

CFL Outing in the Park

I (K4UPG) have a minor eye surgery this week and won’t be able to participate, but look out April! I got my 2nd shot and had a bit of reaction to it, but that just means it is working. So I plan on being back in action in April.

Until then… 72,

K4UPG for the Central Florida QRP Group

CFL QRP Outings Looking Up?

Here we are about 11 months into this COVID season of not gathering for our monthly outings. Sigh! I’m condo bound with no antennas so portable is my only escape and my CW ear is getting rusty!

My wife and I are scheduled for our first vaccination next Tuesday evening. We hope the current winter storms have not delayed the process as it is a bit challenging to get registered on the online system in Orange County. If all goes well as scheduled we’ll be done with our 2nd shot by our March Outing date. So our hope and prayers are for that to be possible. How are the rest of you doing on getting your vaccinations?

With that in mind, we won’t have a formal outing for February, but might begin to gather those that are ready to get out again in March. Remember that you can operate at our Sylvan Park spot if you desire. It is normally a seldom used location and is very quiet RF wise. There are plenty of tall trees for hanging antennas and operating. Enjoy!

Stay tuned – keep watching for updates next month. Stay healthy and get out close to home when you can!!

72, Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group

January 2021 CFL QRP Outing Same old song?

Doggone COVID is still hanging on! In the last month, it has gotten too close for comfort here in Central FL with new cases on a record pace day after day!

For that reason, we will continue to meet from a distance rather than formally meet for breakfast early before we set up in Sylvan Park.

Please feel free to follow your own judgement, this is still USA and there is freedom of choice. But since most of us are in the most vulnerable age group, it is wise to mask up and follow the common sense guidelines should you choose to personally play radio in the park.

I just read an article of an interview with Dr. Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health Director about his prognosis of how soon we may get back to “normal.” (head’s up) He was addressing a large Christian College and Seminary and Church Leader group so some of his comments are in the context of that audience but apply to all public gatherings.

Until we meet face to face again. Best of DX and rag-chewing from home or outside.

72, Kelly K4UPG for Central FL QRP Group

Get your vaccination and let’s get back to playing radio together outdoors!

Normally meeting on 4th Saturday of each month, but pandemic-response limits that for now.