Let’s get out and play radio in the fresh air! Once again, we are ready to put some wire in the trees and make some low power QSO’s!

Lately we have seen some slick homebrew rigs like these:

Breadboard Anyone?

Breadboard Missing ?


Homebrew Fun!

Homebrew Fun!









Nice Work!


So join us for breakfast at 0730 at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL Sat May 23, 2015.

If you cannot make the breakfast, you’ll find us setting up in Sylvan Park at 0900 or so. We try to get Pavilion 2 at Picnic Area A if it isn’t reserved. So if we are not there, cruise the picnic areas and you’ll find us by our antennas, license plates or rigs!

Got some homebrew gear you want to show off and try out? We love to get new ideas.


Kelly for the Central Florida QRP Group


Once again, our Central Florida QRP Group will take to the park and play ham radio! But this weekend promises a good mix of on air contests that will be challenging and fun for all.

One event is the annual QRP To The Field Contest sponsored by the AZ Scorpions QRP Club. Click the logo for a link to the rules for this one!

QRP TTF 2015  This one is always fun and the times allow for QSO’s from coast to coast. So charge up your batteries, clean your ears so you can hear the weak sigs and get out of the house and make some RF. If nothing else, give some points to the serious contesters.



Not to be left out, this is also the weekend for the FL QSO Party. Standby for STRONG LOCAL SIGS, Mobiles and snag some rare counties and sharpen your contest ears.  Links to the rules

FL QSO Party 15


While it is a bit of a longshot due to all the other contest activity, the Swiss Amateur Radio Society has an event this weekend too.

Who wouldn’t like making a contact with a Swiss op? Watch 10 and 15 meters for openings to the EU.

Swiss Contest

We’ll start with Breakfast at 0730 at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL. That is time to brag about your latest QSO, DX, rig or new toys. About 0900 you can find us at Sylvan Lake Park setting up and operating. Check Pavilion 1 at Picnic Area A first. If it is reserved, we will be nearby, just cruise the picnic areas and look for antennas, ham license plates and a bunch of CW sounds.

We welcome all modes, do request you keep the power down for the purpose of not blowing out nearby ops front ends and sensitive gear. Come find out what we’re all about. We enjoy meeting other hams and ham wannabe’s too.

Kelly K4UPG

for the Group


It is time to charge your batteries, get those antennas packed and ready to go. We will meet at 0730 for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL. If you have a new toy to share this is a great time to let everyone check it out. After eating and bragging time is over  (about 0845) we will head to Sylvan Lake Park and getting set up for some operating time. We will be in Picnic Area A unless it has been reserved. If so, please check the other two picnic areas.

FYBO 2015From early indications, we may have an overflow crowd of operators and rigs. If we have too many too cluster at one location, we may split off into an alternative location to avoid too many rigs on one band and in close proximity and all the interference that it can create. We have a nearby option or two if we need some space so don’t let that hold ya back.

Hope to see some new gear and new faces this coming weekend.


Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group