Portable in PA

Posted: September 5, 2010 by K3RLL in Articles of Interest, Ham Radio, QRP

August 29, 2010: Three stalwart members of NAQCC, the North American QRP CW Club, took to the hilltop overlooking Kittanning PA to conquer the world of QRP on the last Sunday of August.  This fearless trio

included John K3WWP, vice-president, Michael KC2EGL, club prizes manager and Don K3RLL on vacation in the green, lush hills of Pennsylvania not far from NAQCC HQ.

While one would think that

traveling 1,000 miles north of Florida would provide cooler temperatures for portable operation, this erstwhile band bravely faced 91 F temps and a blazing sun, albeit at a fairly low angle due to the latitude.

Equipment consisted of two different Elecraft KX-1 transceivers and a Hendrick’s PFR-3 (a less expensive but larger KX-1 semi-clone).  Antennas included two ground-mounted Hamstick clones, a Crappie Pole supported 3-band jumper dipole and the best performer of the day, an EFHW elevated 20′ at the far end.

A number of stateside QSOs were made including a nice 20 minute QSO on the EFHW with Alex in Florence (Florenza) Italy. Ciao!

At the end of a hot day, the triumphant trio came down from the hill, unquestionably victorious against all odds including both weather and propagation. QRP CW came through again!

… 72  K3RLL

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