No Excuses Be There!

Posted: March 6, 2011 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, QRP, Uncategorized

Excuses that don’t work this time:

1) Too hot 2) Too cold 3) Bands are lousy  4) No portable gear 5)Need more sleep

Come join the Central FL QRP Group (a rag tag bunch of QRP portable fanatics) as we gather for some outdoor fun.

Stop it

No Excuses This Time

We’ll meet up at Cracker Barrel at SR 46 and I-4 in Sanford at 0730 local time for some breakfast. Bring along your pride and joy toys for show n tell time around the table.

About 0900 we’ll move over to Sylvan Lake Park and setup in picnic area A or B depending on availability. Iffin’ ya cannot make breakfast, drive to the park and look for the cars with funny lookin’ license plates and gobs of antennas pokin’ into the ether and we’ll be somewhere nearby.

If you want to play bring some gear. If you don’t have some come along and we’ll let you jump on and try one of our rigs. Need a portable antenna… we have a few choices. Come on down! Time’s a wastin’     CU there or on da air!

Kelly K4UPG on behalf of the CFLQRPGroup for updates

  1. Jim Schulert, AI4LE says:

    How about; I’m working a VE session? I usually help out at AES on second Sat. I thought I would try to make it to the park afterwards.

    • cflqrp says:

      Hi Jim,

      Ok, you can skip breakfast and catch us in the park. I’ll send you my cell number by separate email so you can see where we landed. 🙂 Thanks for serving the ham community as a VE… we need your help!

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