July Outing Sat. 9th

Posted: July 4, 2011 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, Homebrew, QRP
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Outdoor QRP Outing

Sat. 9 July , 2011

0730 Cracker Barrel, Sanford, FL (Map)

0900 Sylvan Lake Park, Sanford, FL (Map)

It is summer for sure… Field Day is always a good marker to remind us to get outdoors and operate. We visited a couple FD sites in South and West Florida, in Naples and up at Ft De Soto Park on the ocean. Here’s a couple photos of the outdoor action and a shot of a 10m groundplane connector that one of the guys homebrewed!

Ft Desoto FD Site

Here's a good FD location just off the shoreline

We start with breakfast and show n tell so bring your latest homebrew project or new toy to show off. After breakfast we’re off to the park to operate a bit so if you prefer, skip breakfast and join us at the park… normally we are in Picnic area A or B… just follow the signs and look for antennas and vanity license plates to find us.

K4UPG by the lake

Warmup for our outing

Nice 10m ground plane hookup

Nice 10m ground plane hookup


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