OUTING: Saturday September 10, 2011

Posted: September 3, 2011 by cflqrp in Articles of Interest, Events, Ham Radio, QRP
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Pedestrian Mobile anyone?

Pedestrian Mobile anyone?

September is the turning point in hot weather and marks the opening days of the best season to operate portable here in Central Florida. Before long instead of being too hot, it will be chilly so come on out and take advantage of the nicer temperatures and have some fun with us.

September is also a big contest month which means you can always find someone to talk to on almost every band. Several contests take place this weekend including QSO parties (Arkansas), Parks on the Air / POTA (Indiana, Ohio) and some VHF (ARRL, QRP ARCI) and other events for all sorts of modes and bands. We welcome all modes and anyone interested in outdoor ops, QRP or otherwise to join us.

We meet up for breakfast… this time at DENNY’S on NE corner  I-4 and SR46 at 0730 EDT and have some story swapping and show ‘n tell of your latest toy or project.

new project

Got something to show the group?

About 0900 or a bit earlier if we don’t talk too much, we’ll move to the our site at Sylvan Lake Park and look for a shelter area that is not reserved starting in Picnic Area A, then moving alphabetically (B, C and D) if those are full.   Just look for the cars with antennas and Ham Radio license plates to find us. This is the opening day for Youth Soccer so you’ll see LOTS of families arriving for games and please watch out for the kids as you enter the park as they are everywhere on the entrance road.

Depending on weather and battery power, we go at least until noon and some of us are more hardcore and stay until 5 or 6… it’s up to you!

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