Meetup Success!

Posted: October 23, 2011 by cflqrp in Articles of Interest, Events, Ham Radio, QRP
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Heathkit HW-99 lookin' gud!

Despite some horrible weather with tropical storm winds and rain, we managed to get a nice group of QRP ops together at the Melbourne Hamfest. Rain eliminated all chance of tailgating for the day but the inside of the venue was large enough to accomodate a good variety of table based vendors. The most interesting QRP gear at the show had to be the HW-99 rig. That’s one that got by most of us but looked like a very well maintained rig. Sporting the brown colors of latter day Heathkits, it reminded one of the HW-9 in its modular accessories and look ‘n feel. Would have been fun to put it on the air and see what it could do.

the wall

QRP Story Tellin' Time


K3RLL and K4UPG at the parts table

A few of us made it out to lunch and I’d have to say, a good time was had by all! In fact, we are looking forward to the Tampa Bay event and another possible meetup in Dec.

Thanks to Don K3RLL, Jim K4AHO, Olon AJ4HP  , Steve AI0W, Les k4WV, Vic W1BZ , and Kelly K4UPG and XYL Connie taking the pics to capture the moment!

  1. Carl Herbert says:

    Looks like a normal QRP gathering to me with menus and all …hi hi

    Sorry to have missed all the “fun in the rain,” but will try to be at the Tampa Bay event….Been working on HB QRP rigs for 40 & 17, but you know how that goes when all the parts arent here yet…..

    I really enjoyed the October event…..

    Carl AA2JZ

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