QRP Lunch at Orlando HAMCATION–Sat 11 Feb 2012

Posted: January 30, 2012 by cflqrp in Articles of Interest, Events, Ham Radio, QRP

Several QRP ops from outside Orlando are asking about a gathering for lunch on Saturday 11 Feb 2012 at the Orlando Hamcation. Sounds like a deal to me…

SO–Please send an email to k4upg at arrl dot net

as we need to get an estimate for making a reservation at a nearby restaurant. Please let us know by 8 Feb 2012 so we can have enough space and give you directions.

This will be a good time to brag, do some show ‘n tell and generally give one another a hard time face to face instead of on the air. So don’t miss out.

  1. Mark, W4FJE says:

    I have a group that meets at 1200 hours every Hamcation on Saturday, so leaving the site is not an option for meat that time.

    • cflqrp says:

      Yes, I remember your photo gathering now. It is looking like there are other conflicts and we’ll end up staying on the fairgrounds or doing breakfast or dinner to work around some conflicts several people have emailed me about. Will be updating shortly! Thanks for the input!

      Kelly K4UPG for the group

  2. Steve Finch says:

    Dinner works better for me. It’s very busy during the day! Looking forward to seeing everyone.


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