Outing 10 March 2012 Sylvan Lake Park in Sanford, FL

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We had a great time at breakfast swappin’ stories and technical thoughts. Then off to the site at Sylvan Lake Park to set up our rigs and get on the air.


K3RLL and WB4MNK first on the air again

As usual, the organized guys got on the air first. Using a multiband dipole as an inverted L on a 31 ft telescoping pole is a fast way to get on the air. It was sure nice to hear a few signals on the bands despite the solar flares and CME that happened the night before our meeting.

Next on was Alex KK4VB who was using a new MFJ 9420 and a very nicely designed and assembled 20m ground plane on a PVC mast.

KK4VB and new antenna for 20m

KK4VB new antenna 20m groundplane

It used 4 Hamstick type antennas and loaded just fine and actually was hearing most signals slightly better then the Inverted L full size dipole! Good work Alex.  He also used his engineering skills to put together a solar charging station complete with monitoring ability for battery voltage. K4AHO had to check out the solar setup and offer his advice too!

KK4VB and K4AHO solar powering

KK4VB and K4AHO solar powering

A few contacts and a visit by Ron KA3PSO and Sally made for a good day!

  1. Alex says:

    Fun Fun Fun is what you all are all about.
    I have a question, was the Inverted L multiband dipole fed on one end or as usual in the middle???
    72 Alex K5UNY

  2. Bruce Beaman says:

    Where will breakfast be on saturday april 14, 2012 and at what time? I had a QRP QSO with K4AHo on 3/26/12 on 40 meter CW.
    Bruce k1HTN/4/qrp Windermere,FL

    • cflqrp says:

      Hi Bruce! Glad you found us. Yes, I’ll post soon but details are same as for the March outing just the date changed. We’ll go out for breakfast then to the park. Hope you can join us!

      Kelly K4UPG

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