New Year and New QRP Outings

Posted: January 3, 2013 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, Portable Antennas, QRP
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Happy New Year to all! 2013 is here and so is the new Central FL QRP Outing schedule!

In both January and February there are local events that are scheduled on the same date as our normal 2nd Saturday of the month portable outing. The UCF Amateur Radio Club Tailgate is taking place in January on Saturday 12 January 2013. This is one for the EARLY BIRDS as it starts at sunup 0600 local and usually most of the activity is over by 1000. Look for Alex KK4VB and his 20 m C-Pole portable setup along with Jim K4AHO and his pickup truck vertical. They will be representing our group at the tailgate.

UCF Tailgate KK4VB C Pole

Fantastic job with the new C Pole antenna for 20 m!

For the non-tailgate crowd, we will be out at our normal hangouts. Start with breakfast at 0730 at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL at the NE corner of the intersection of SR 46 and I-4. About 0900 or sooner, we will move to the park at Sylvan Lake and setup our rigs in Picnic area A pending space being available.

Kelly (K4UPG) will be operating in the park as K3Y/4 from 1500-1700 UTC as part of the annual Straight Key Century Club’s celebration of the use of CW and straight keys and bugs. Watch for posts to the Ham Jitsu website under the SKCC tab or on the SKCC Tab at Obriens web.

This Saturday is also the QRP ARCI Pet Rock sprint for crystal controlled rig operators. So dust off your xtal gear and bring it out for some fun.

Stay tuned for Feb outing details which will be at the Orlando Hamcation event!


Kelly K4UPG for the group

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