June Outing Saturday 8th — Be Happy!

Posted: May 31, 2013 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, Portable Antennas, QRP
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The gang is gathering again for another day of QRP in the Park.


Olon and his new rig setting up!

CFL QRP May 2013 20m

Carl and Manny check Alex’s 20m setup!

At 0730 EDT, we’ll meet for breakfast at our usual spot, Cracker Barrel in Sanford. After some show and tell with our coffee, greasy eggs and biscuits and gravy we’ll head west to Sylvan Lake Park. We  normally are in Picnic Area A and by the lake if the spot is not reserved.

This Saturday is also UCF’s twice a year tailgate. If you are an early riser, go check out the goodies there and join us at the park at 0900 or so.

Remember all bands, all modes are welcome and we don’t have rules, officers or dues to get in the way of the fun.


Kelly K4UPG

for the group

  1. Alex says:

    It makes me Happy to see and hear of such an active outdoor Qrp group. You guys all deserve a BIG “ATTA Boy” for youe activities.
    Best 72 to all
    Alex K5UNY

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