QRP By the Lake 14 Sep 2013

Posted: September 1, 2013 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, Homebrew, Portable Antennas, QRP
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QRP by the Lake

K4UPG QRP by the Lake

September is a month of getting back to business. The change from summer to fall is around the corner and it is a great time to enjoy some QRP by the lake with the Central FL QRP Group.

At 0730 EDT we meet for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, Sanford, FL (I-4 and SR 46) and a time of show n tell. Bring your latest toys from the candy store or something you built so you can show it off and make everyone jealous! Some of our regulars participated in the Flight of the Bumblebees and the Skeeter Hunt and turned in bragging quality scores. Check the results and hear the tales over your eggs and grits.

About 0900 we will set up in the park at Lake Sylvan. Unless the area is reserved, we’ll be in Picnic Area A and pavilion 2 by the lake. Check the other pavilions if that one is reserved. Watch for our cars with ham tags and antennas to find us.

We welcome all bands, all modes and bring your rig if you like. We’ll also give licensed hams a chance to operate if you want to try your hand at some CW or SSB running low power and simple antennas. Our aim is to have fun, discuss technical things and make a few contacts while enjoying the great outdoors.

Hope to see you!

Kelly K4UPG

for the CFL QRP Group

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