November Outing Saturday 9 November 2013

Posted: November 4, 2013 by cflqrp in Events, Ham Radio, QRP
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Cool weather, interesting band conditions and fall QRP in the park. Last month was a beautiful day in the park and we expect this month to be even better.  Gators are moving a bit slower with lower temps too, so it is nice to get out without looking over your back when you’re lakeside.  Gator01_v2-271x300

Dust off your portable gear, touch up the antenna connections and let’s light up the bands a bit. Lately the upper bands have been pretty good, so if you have gear for the higher bands, bring ’em along.

Start by joining us for breakfast at the Sanford, FL Cracker Barrel at I-4 and SR- 46 at 0730 Saturday 9 November, 2013

We enjoy sharing our QRP adventures, showing off new gear and discussing technical things over hot coffee and breakfast together.

If you are not an early riser, you can catch us in the park at Sylvan Lake in the vicinity of Picnic Area A lakeside. If it has been reserved check area B or C . Watch for our amateur radio license plates and antennas to locate us.

All bands, modes and types of ops are welcome. We just enjoy making contacts from the great outdoors. Hope you can join us.


Kelly K4UPG

for the CFL QRP Group

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