January 28, 2017 Outing

Posted: January 23, 2017 by cflqrp in Events

We’re  wound and wired up and ready to go in the new year! Get your batteries charged, your antenna wires unkinked and your appetites on and join the fun!

We’ll meet at the Cracker Barrel Sanford, FL at 0730 ET Saturday, Jan 28, 2017 for breakfast and lots of chatting. What are your plans for Hamcation? Longest QSO and best DX since last month’s event? Any new toys for Christmas to show off?

About 0900 ET we are normally starting to set up our antennas and other gear. We will be in Sylvan Lake Park and unless it is reserved, Pavilion 2 in picnic area A by the lake.  Come join the fun. We’ll share antennas and rigs if you have a license and no gear with ya!

Lots of fun to see the different methods and gear that we bring to the park! Look forward to seeing you there!


Kelly K4UPG  for the CFL QRP Group

  1. Anthony W. Hackenberg says:

    Is this going to tie-in to the Winter Field Day contest being held this weekend (Jan 28-29, 2017)?

    • cflqrp says:

      Thanks for comment! As a rule, we normally break down about noon unless band condx are amazingly good. (been a good while since they cooperated) Since Winter Field Day starts at 2PM, I doubt any of us will still keep going. Most of us are not contesters, I call myself a contest point giver. QRP vs QRO in contest mode is not a real fun thing to do IMHO. But it is always fun to have new options. Perhaps in future years we’ll consider this opportunity. We love operating outdoors with QRP gear. Best wishes for a fun and fruitful WFD event!
      72, Kelly K4UPG

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