Saturday Outing – Sept 28, 2019 FALL is Here

FALL? In Central Florida we notice a slight change from 90F+ to 80 sumpin’!  But sure is welcome and signals the start of more ideal outdoor season for QRP portable. So charge the batteries and pack your gear for this coming weekend!

August CFL QRP Gang

Thanks to Rick Meyer for photo of the August gang!

Per custom and tradition, we meet up for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL for show ‘n tell and breakfast at 0730 ET. Great time to get to know one another and solve all life’s problems over biscuits and gravy.

By 0900 ET you will find us setting up gear in Sylvan Lake Park. We normally hang out in picnic area A unless someone else has rented it or beat us to the spot! This place has lots of space, great trees, 2 pavilions, and a bathroom. This is the start of our best season weather wise as temps and sun are a bit more friendly.

Sure hope you’ll drop by and visit. If you are a licensed ham and hanker to get on the air, we’ll share our rigs and usually have spare antennas you can try too. See you in the park or on the air around the QRP watering holes.


Kelly K4UPG for the Central Fl QRP Group

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