CFL QRP Outing Sat 23 May 2020

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

On Your Mark!!!

Things are opening up a bit. We normally don’t have a large turnout so I believe an outing can take place this month. This is totally up to each operator to consider whether they are comfortable with being in contact with others.

I (Kelly) will not be out as I am limiting exposure following some dental surgery and still being in healing mode. However, I would otherwise feel it is safe for healthy hams to get out and enjoy the fresh air and some QRP portable fun. I may try to setup and connect from backyard so listen for K4UPG groundwave on 30 m or 40m.

We will be continuing our 4th Saturday of the month outing as usual. We start out with breakfast and show n tell at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL at 0730 AM EST. We usually are at a big table and easy to spot. Not sure how many might make this part of the outing this early in the reopening. I think the staff will appreciate the business though!

If you are not a breakfast type or like to sleep in a bit, you can join the group in the Sylvan Lake Park about 0900 AM EDT. The park is open at 0800 EDT and Walter KA4KXX will likely show up about that time.

Normal location is down by the lake at Picnic Area A unless it has been reserved by someone else. If you don’t see us there, cruise through Picnic Area B and C and watch for our antennas and cars with Amateur Radio License Tags and antennas on them.

Social distancing and all that good advice is appreciated.

72, Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group

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