QRP Outing SAT 23 July 2022

WARM UP for 2022 Flight of the Bumblebees

Come on out and join the fun! This is a great warm up for the upcoming FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEES QRP Contest. Test a new antenna, see what others are building, running and making contacts with simple gear. We enjoy sharing our experience with portable ops and if you don’t bring gear but have a license, we’ll share the key or mic to help you get on the air.

Sylvan Lake Park is a very quiet RF location with room to spread out and bring family for a pleasant walk near the lake. Watch for deer and other wildlife too.

We will meet Saturday 23 July 2022 at:

Sylvan Lake Park – Picnic Area A

  • 0800 – 1200 EST
  • Bring your sandwich and snacks
  • Normally we operate until noon, but feel free to stay longer if you’re having fun!
  • QRP or max 15 watts requested to avoid rig damage due to proximity to other stations
  • All modes welcome
  • Come learn from one another and enjoy the outdoors

72, Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group

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