CFL QRP Outing Update for April 2020

Not much has changed since last month. The “stay at home” mandate here in Florida is still in effect through 30 April. I delayed posting to see if things changed, but as of Monday, 20 April 2020 morning we still are not to leave home for non-essential activities.

So there is no official CFL QRP Outing for April 25th. There are alternate options if weather and conditions allow:


Backyard, deck, homestation portable ops are allowed as well.

Sorry for another month of “distancing” but it does look like we are moving in the right direction and should be able to gather again in the not too far off future. CU on da air!

Be wise and stay healthy. Ham radio and your community needs our portable ops skills. Keep your batteries charged!


Kelly K4UPG for CFL QRP group

CFL QRP Outing Saturday Feb. 22, 2020

What goodies did you get from Hamcation? Bring ’em out and test ’em!


K3RLL and K4UPG at the parts table

We will be continuing our 4th Saturday of the month outing as usual. We start out with breakfast and show n tell at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL at 0730 AM EST. We usually are at a big table and easy to spot.

If you are not a breakfast type or like to sleep in a bit, you can join us in the Sylvan Lake Park about 0900 AM EST. Normal location is down by the lake at Picnic Area A unless it has been reserved by someone else. If you don’t see us there, cruise through Picnic Area B and C and watch for our antennas and cars with Amateur Radio License Tags and antennas on them.

See ya in the park or on the air!

72, Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group

OUTING Saturday October 26, 2019

September’s Outing was well attended and we had quite a spread of rigs, antennas and even a satellite pass demo to keep us all moving from site to site. Let’s do that again.

Alex in action!

Alex had another great antenna setup and used his VNA to tweak and found ways to tweak things for a much better efficiency. Was a good learning lab for all of us and proves that a bit of applied math and testing is well worth the effort.

Propagation was not bad and we made a good number of contacts and a few rag chews with other QRP ops made it a special day for all. We’d love to have you come by and join the gang this month.

We start off with breakfast and show and tell time at 0730 EDT at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL. 

If you are not an early riser, you can join us in Sylvan Lake Park around 0900 EDT. We normally are in Picnic Area A but if it is reserved check Picnic Area B and C and watch for our cars, antennas and sounds of CW from time to time.

We welcome you to bring a rig and join us for Radio in the Park. CU there or on the air!


Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group