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Will we have another great day in the outdoors playing radio and having more eyeball QSO’s than on-air rag chews? Need some help with a new antenna you’ve put together, or just need some ideas for how to operate off-grid and low-power? We love to share things we’ve learned. Don’t be shy or concerned about CW speeds or lack of experience… we welcome all modes and have SSB and digital ops almost every time we go out.


Antenna tweaking always draws a crowd!

Come join in on solving world problems and discussing circuit or antenna ideas. That’s a major part of why we get together.

We start off with breakfast at 0730 ET at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL. Bring along your new toys and show us what you’re building and even what went up in smoke. By the end of breakfast, we’ve solved most of the problems of the world and are ready for some fun.

If you prefer to sleep in, we should be setting up our gear at Sylvan Lake Park about 0900 ET. Normally we meet in Picnic Area A down by the lake and spread out and operate there. If it has been reserved, scout out the other two picnic areas and you’ll find us. If they are all reserved, we’ll move west down SR 46 to Wilson’s Landing Park.

We’ll be watchin’ for ya!

72,  Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group – Orlando



Ho Ho Uh OH!

Your webguy has been down with back and leg pain from radiculopathy and lost track of time. It is time to get out to the woods and play radio. (I am staying home to get healed) SHUCKS!

We will start at 0730 EST at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, FL for a breakfast and braggin’ time. About 0900 we should be setting up our rigs at Sylvan Lake Park in picnic area A unless it is reserved.

Here’s what you missed last month at our Friends and Family Outing. Come join us!


Kelly K4UPG for the group


















We would love to have our friends and family join us as we play radio in the park on Saturday 11/25/2017. We will be enjoying the outdoors at Sylvan Lake Park on SR 46 west of I-4 in Sanford, FL.

This is a great park for kids of all ages with lots of room to roam, bring a bike to ride, do some fishing, visit the playground, watch some youth soccer teams, with nearby restrooms and great view of the lake.

Alex is bringing his steam engine and can generate electricity to power a radio or charge batteries. You can see Walter’s home built  transceiver (on poster board) which sends voice or morse code and works great. He loves to show young people (and older ones too) how electronics can be fun.

Our other electronics whizzes are Ron and Jim. Ron teaches electronics and always has a fix for our gear to make it work better. Jim is enjoying the latest gear and playing with light weight antennas and he’s pretty good with a slingshot too!

Bring along some snacks and drinks to enjoy and get to know who your husband / dad hangs out with on these radio outings. This is an opportunity for our wives, kids and friends to meet the rest of the gang and have some fun outdoors while the weather is decent! Bring along friends.

We normally start our outings with breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Sanford, but this month we’ll start in the park at 0800 EST so we can stake out our spot.  Feel free to come when it works for your family. We typically are heading home by about noon.

You will find us in Picnic Area A unless it is reserved. If that happens check out Picnic Area B or C and watch for our cars with extra antennas and license tags. Here’s a map of the park and your ham dad knows the way!

CU in the park!  72,

Kelly K4UPG for the Central Florida QRP Group – Orlando