Outing Sat 24 Oct 2020 — Up to You

I hate to say this, but the COVID-19 Count has begun spiking upwards again since we entered into October. For that reason, most of our members are choosing to stay home at this time.

Anyone that is interested in playing ham radio in the park is welcome to gather 0730 EDT at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford. Look for ham ops hats, shirts, etc. and join the group. If you have new toys that you’ve built, bought or haven’t shown off for a time, you’re welcome to do that during the breakfast chat time.

Normally we are setting up in Sylvan Lake Park at about 0900 EDT in the lakeside Picnic Area A. If that area is closed or reserved check the other two areas and watch for license tags and antennas on cars in the parking area. It is a very nice no RF noise area for QRP portable ops.

Social distancing, masks and good QSO’s to all that want to play radio out in the woods.

72, Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group

Outing Sat. Sept 26, 2020

This month has sped past me and I only realized today 9/23/2020 that we’re already at the time to post a new announcement for our scheduled outing. My apologies for being overwhelmed with home repairs, taking 30 classroom hours of continuing education courses, and keeping a small online ministry business going!

Weather has improved, but rainy season is still here. Sometimes the bands have sounded pretty good! Several gathered at our normal  0900 EDT outing site of Sylvan Lake Park off SR 46 west of I-4 in Sanford. Some of us are still semi-hermits due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. So if you are wanting some fresh air and QRP portable radio time feel free to gather in the park this Saturday!

I have one of my required continuing ed classes Sat so am not going to be on air or in the park.

Let us hear how you are doing on the air by leaving a comment or emailing me. Did anyone else participate in the Skeeter Hunt?


Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group

Saturday August 22, 2020 Outing

Been too long since we’ve been able to gather?

Sylvan Lake Park is located off SR 46 west of the I-4 in Sanford opens at 0900 and you are welcome to venture out and play a bit of QRP portable amateur radio if you desire! We normally gather for breakfast early, but in the Covid times we’ve not comfortable doing that although you are welcome to do so if you’d like.

We gather at Picnic Area A (see map link above) which is lakeside and had plenty of room and two pavilions in case one has been reserved. There are plenty of trees to hang antennas and that’s where we have made many QSO’s over the past 10 years.

Due to my personal health issues, I’m not going to join activities this month, but hoping we’ll be able to regroup soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be hanging my 20 & 40 m Delta Loop minibac antenna

to operate as Skeeter #31 in the 2020 Skeeter Hunt this Sunday 16 August 2020 between 1 and 5 PM local time. I will be in our small neighborhood park for the contest. Bragging rights: Last year I was Top FL Op… rain chased most of the competition away.

See ya on the air!


Kelly K4UPG for the Central FL QRP Group