OUTING is Sat 24 April 2021

Let’s do this! After a long season of not being active in the park, it is time to get out and play radio!

If you desire, we meet at the Cracker Barrel, Sanford, FL at 0730 for breakfast. That’s a good time to share new gear, brag and have some interaction. But you can also order to go if you’d rather dine in the park and get settled.

For those that prefer a later start, we should be setting up gear at Sylvan Lake Park on SR 46. We’ll normally be in Picnic Area A near the lake. It it has been reserved (Soccer season crowd) scout out the other picnic areas and watch for our cars with Amateur Radio Tags and antennas. If the park is too crowded, a fallback is Wilson’s Landing Park.

Don’t forget to prepare:

  • Charge your battery
  • Gather your rig, cables, antenna, tools, key, earphones, etc.
  • Water, snacks and needed supplies
  • Set your alarm clock, pack the car and let’s gather!

72, Kelly K4UPG

For the Central FL QRP Group – Orlando

SAT Mar 27, 2021 CFL QRP Outing

We are getting closer to being able to meet in a more normal fashion! For those that have their vaccinations completed, and those that are ready, the park is open and you are welcome to turn out.

Our usual Cracker Barrel Sanford meetup for breakfast at 0730 EDT for those that feel ready for that. We typically are setting up in Sylvan Lake Park at 0900 EDT. We normally are down by the lake at Picnic Area A if it has not been reserved by another group. So look there first and if it is empty find a spot and see if anyone else shows up. đŸ™‚

CFL Outing in the Park

I (K4UPG) have a minor eye surgery this week and won’t be able to participate, but look out April! I got my 2nd shot and had a bit of reaction to it, but that just means it is working. So I plan on being back in action in April.

Until then… 72,

K4UPG for the Central Florida QRP Group