CFL QRP Outing Sat. Jan 28, 2023

Good time to practice for Winter Field Day and help others check signals while they are setting up. Here’s a link to the WFD site for info.

Start out at 0705 EST with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Sanford. HEADS UP – Regulars K4UPG and K4AHO will not be attending breakfast this time! Bring your latest show ‘n tell gear to brag about with our guests. About 0815 EST we’ll start heading out to the park.

Sylvan Lake Park – Picnic Area A

  • 0800 – 1200 EST
  • Bring your sandwich and snacks if you’d like
  • Bring along some water or cold drinks
  • Normally we operate until noon, but feel free to stay longer if you’re having fun!
  • QRP or max 15 watts requested to avoid rig damage due to proximity to other stations
  • All modes welcome
  • Come learn from one another and enjoy the outdoors
  • Bring your license and rig, but we’ll share if you don’t have portable gear handy!

If Picnic Area A is reserved, check out B and C and watch for our antennas and Amateur Radio plates to find us. Our fallback is Wilson’s Landing Park which is west about 2+ miles on the south side of SR 46.

72, Kelly K4UPG for the CFL QRP Group





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